Khem Bunthai (Khmer: ខេម ប៊ុនថៃ; born 3 November 1985), also known by his stage name Khemarak Sereymun (Khmer: ខេមរៈ សិរីមន្ត), is a Cambodian singer, actor and Brand Ambassador is known as a judge and a member of the Audit Committee, which evaluates the reality of the Judge Audition on X Factor Cambodia.

Born: November 3, 1985 (age 38)
Years active: 2003–present Musical career
Genres: Pop Khmer Traditional Music, blue
Instrument(s): Vocals
Labels: U2 Entertainment (2003–2007) | Sunday Production (2007–2017) | Rasmey Hang Meas (2017–2023) | Galaxy Navatra (2023–Present)